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Based in the UK we are currently supplying new truck parts to over 20 countries around the world.

We will always do our best to help you find the new parts you need for your commercial vehicle or trailer.

Our parts interpreters can help you find the items you need. In many cases with just the vehicle VIN or chassis number, or for UK registered vehicles via the registration number.

Unlike the traditional factors who have a fleet of expensive vehicles and drivers to maintain, Owlparts is web based, which allows us to be very competitive in this market. It also allows us to offer a more cost effective next day delivery service to your door on thousands of new parts.

We do not break trucks - We only supply new parts
Free delivery on orders over £150 ex VAT We supply a full range of engine and gearbox parts Monroe and the Monroe logo are registered trademarks of Tenneco Inc.
Important Note
Please be aware that the product specifications in these listings are intended to be generic in terms of fit and function. The mention of specific trade names, part numbers or companies is for reference only and not an implication that any specific brand or supplier approves the product.
OEM Number Listings
There are too many OEM numbers to display on a single page so we have split them into the sections below. Please select the appropriate range.
0000054020 - 07171274
07172018 - 1375997
1376481 - 20583434
20585555 - 355148-8
355148/8 - 5016964
5016966 - 81.41610.0227
81.41610.0228 - 93807545
93807640 - Z829510
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We stock a wide selection of new truck parts for next day delivery, nationwide.

Please note:- We only sell new truck parts

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